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Is there a way to quickly drop group and get out of a FP? In WoW you can create a macro and bind it to key/button so that you can drop group/raid quickly and get out if things aren't going well.

Pretty convenient for me.

I know some will consider this 'anti-social" or selfish but there are times things really don't work for me (eg. tank lost, trying to kill every single skippable mob etc) and I'll take the 15min debuff gladly. Also, when the group is in combat, there'll be a delay in you dropping group, which is irritating for me, especially when the tank decides to attack a whole bunch of mobs that are skippable.

I'll like to have convenient button I can push and it'll drop me from the group immediately and put me back in my previous location. In other words, same mechanics as WoW.
^^ I would very much like something similar to this. Is there any chance we can have an instant /ignore key. I would love to try it out on this person.
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