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As aforementioned numerous times in numerous threads, the situation described in the post you originally quoted can happen regardless of solo queue or not. My ability to solo 3 terrible players in recruit gear at a node has no bearing on my team and will continue to happen (more often in fact) in a solo queue. Therefore your reply still does not reflect an imbalance between PUGs and premades.

I am not biased and will hear arguments contrary to my position, but only if those arguments are relevant to the topic at hand. I will be in support of any change that makes the game fairer and more enjoyable for EVERYONE. If it does not apply to everyone, then a compromise must be found that will satisfy as many people as possible, not one that gives the ideal solution to one group and completely alienates another.

While population may be an issue in separating queues, the bigger problem is the logistics of making a team with a pool of groups with varying sizes. Take out the individuals and we have to get exactly 8 on a side using 2's, 3's, and 4's bearing in mind that groups on different factions cannot be mixed. The queue times would be atrocious.

Many of the issues that are attributed to premades would not be resolved by a solo queue. You will still have warzones where one team has a healer and the other doesn't. You will still have warzones where one team has more skilled players than the other. You will still have warzones where one team has better gear than the other. You will still have warzones where one team focuses on appropriate targets and one does not. You will still have warzones where one team has players willing to guard nodes and one does not.

In the case of this game, the compromise to both groups and individuals is that there is one queue available to anyone, but the maximum grouping is 4 in order to keep things balanced and avoid a true premade. From my perspective, I feel people are trying to find a way to separate casual players from what would be considered more competitive players and advocating for a solo queue as that solution.

My overall point in this particular post is this: No one would complain about playing against premades if the skill level was equal on both sides. If you lost a Novare Coast by 10% with lots of back and forth turret switching, you'd probably have a lot of fun and feel the teams were evenly matched. No one in the warzone has the same guild tag as anyone else, but you find out later on that 4 people on the other team were grouped. Was the warzone all the sudden not fun because of this? Did you have no shot at winning now because you found out they were grouped?

If your opinion of the warzone changes because you found out there was a group, then you are biased not me. (And I'm not implying that is the case, just stating that as fact)

TL;DR The problem isn't that people are playing together, it's that the skill level on both sides is not equal therefore a solo queue does not resolve the core issue.
I completley agree. If they seperate the queues people will just complain they are losing to better geared solo players and want a seperate brackets for valor etc, it will never end, there will always be winners and losers and there will always be more people who lose than win. This is the nature of pvp of games of this type.

I still don't see why a feature that has been in since the start of the game, that should encourage new players to form small groups of 4 of their own should be removed just because there are people that refuse point blank to help themselves, if people insist on making life hard for themselves by only solo queing and reducing their chances to win then that is entirely their own problem, dont make it mine ty.