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In 10:12 he was in tank spec, using a tank tree... This is what i'm talking about, a tank doing 600k+ damage, 175k protection. I play since the release, I never saw a Guardian or Powertech TANK doing half of these numbers.

Awe is very, very important I know. I use a lot, to help ball carriers, help plant the door, cap the node etc.. But, the amount of damage a DPS sin can do plus his control abilitie, compared to amount of damage a mara can do and the control abilite, is not fair.
Sap, whirlwind, spike, electrocute, low-slash if specced, pull if specced. 6 diferent types of control plus insane damage against mara 2 control abilitie(force choke and awe) plus same damage.
English is not my first language, i'm studying, thanks.
A sentinel/marauder complaining about another class? LOL.
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