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11.28.2012 , 02:42 PM | #8
Hello Mokkh and thanks for your reply,

i played my jedi sage as a healer, or at least put my talentpoints where people told me a healer would put them wile leveling up and sadly it did not work out for me. Mobs went down too slow to really make a difference.

In any event I read through your post and it made me wonder: you mentoined you never really bothered equipping the other companions and to tell the truth I didn't even know that you'd normally do that...
In only used Quinn and Qyzen the whole time, so I tried to keep both of them equipped by picking the quest-rewards for them. Is it common to switch out companions in the higher levels or is it just something "optional" for those who want to try out everyone?

It seems like I missed out on more than just a few things in this forum while reading through the others...
Right now my tendency goes towards a Commando, simply because I believe the Republic leaves you more ways of actually expressing your opinion than the Empire does. I dont like getting shocked with lightning just because I told a Sith his face lookes like a wookies... back...

Anyway still open for suggestions the more the merrier!