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OK, so stabilizer's is maybe a bad idea (seems very controversial). What other kind of incentive should be awarded for boss battles? No, one should be forced to do anything boss battles or whatever but, if we could create an incentive for high lvl character to kill bosses it would really help the under lvl 50 characters to lvl faster and gear up faster. The crystals could be the answer but, the verdict isn't out yet.
The minimum I can think of that would compel overgeared groups to kill skippable sub-bosses is if each dropped a single black hole comm. And actually, that might be enough for people to stop laughing at the price of Hazmat implants (if those are still 200 or whatever it was).

But if you did that, you'd need to put some sort of restrictions on how many HMFPs can be done per day, or else, the new way to gear up would be to hit 50 just chain grind something like Black Talon until your toon is at 1.4 BiS right out of the gate.