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Yeah when you do Black Talon you don't actually have any tanking abilities yet so don't rush to judge tanks on the whole.

Also, with regard to mirror classes remember that the advanced classes are the true mirrors.
i.e Jedi Consular doesn't necessarily equal the Sith Inquisitor BUT Jedi Sage mirrors Sith Sorcerer and the Shadow mirrors Assassin. Also, while being very similar the dynamics specific to skill trees can vary between mirrors as well
I have 8 50s (the Sentinel is a 48.75 but the class story is done); when I leveled I picked the opposite mirror for each ac so that gave me a final list of:

Shield Specialist Vanguard (tank) armormech/scavenging/underworld trading

Arsenal Mercenary (rdps) armstech/scavenging/investigation

Kinetic Combat Shadow (tank) Artifice/archaeology/treasure hunting

Corruption Sorcerer (heal) Synthweaving/archaeology/scavenging

Combat Sentinel (mdps) Biochem/bioanalysis/diplomacy

Immortal Juggernaut (tank) Slicing/treasure hunting/underworld trading

Sawbones Smuggler (heal) Slicing/scavenging/underworld trading

Marksmanship Sniper (rdps) Cybertech/slicing/underworld trading

The easiest ones to level up were the two healers, followed closely by the merc/shadow/jugg/sent/sniper. The sniper kept me busy and was the "hardest" to level with but that was more because I completely ignored every companion except Kaliyo when I leveled him, Lokin makes things a lot easier but I like a challenge.

I had to go further than level 20 before I got a good idea of the way each advanced class abilities synergize, so you may want to revisit some of your earlier experiments or even try different skill sets by respecializing.

Good luck to you,