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11.28.2012 , 01:45 PM | #9
In 10:12 he was in tank spec, using a tank tree... This is what i'm talking about, a tank doing 600k+ damage, 175k protection.
And yet you said "Tank shadow and sin in DPS gear needs a HUGE nerf to compare with other tanks... " So clearly your two statements are in conflict with one another. If you meant that Tank Sin damage needs to be reviewed fine but that is not what you said.

But, the amount of damage a DPS sin can do plus his control abilitie, compared to amount of damage a mara can do and the control abilite, is not fair.
You are comparing apples and oranges. I could just as easily point out that Maras have vastly superior defensive cool downs compared to Sin and that is not fair. The truth is, both class are designed for different combat situations. Sins are designed to control their opponent will killing them and then slipping away. Maras are designed to get right into the think of battle and destroy their opponents.

Sap, whirlwind, spike, electrocute, low-slash if specced, pull if specced. 6 diferent types of control plus insane damage
Oh noes, the dreaded 31/31/31 Sins.,,