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11.28.2012 , 01:34 PM | #6
Hello Bida,

this doesent sound crazy at all. In fact I really only ruled out the Jedi Sage (and the Sith Inquisitor as mirror) because I read in the class forums that the shadow is quite capable. However if you read through so many class forums (even tough they are mirror classes people tend to judge them differently most of the time) it's hard to really find good answers. Thats why I was hoping to sum everything up for me here.
I didn't intent to rule out the tanking classes either. I just said that I suck at tanking :-) at least the few times I tried Black Talon on a low level Juggernaut. I know very well that Black Talon isn't acutally representing any taking capabilty though... so yeah... my bad :-/

Right now I'm waiting for more opinions and doing some research on the cartell market and how i could benefit from it. but thats a completely different story and does not belong here.

Something I'D like to add about PvP however: I've read many comments stating that doing PvP is essential to equipping a character. Thats why i even mentoined it in my first post. I'm not into PvP at all I'll simply deal with it if I have to..

Thanks for reading my thread :-)