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11.28.2012 , 01:26 PM | #63
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I received an email from Customer Service stating the following:

I'm not understanding what exactly is being said here. Am I not receiving the complimentary coins I was promised for being a subscriber prior to F2P? I purchased the game and subbed on Nov. 7th. They say it's an issue with the coin display and sync rather than missing coins, however, I am missing coins.

If someone can break this down for me, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
I've been subbed since September and got that "You will get 500 coins at F2P launch" with 0 actual coins given. So I guess Bioware doesn't know that I should be getting coins once a month. And we are nearing the end of November. My time runs out mid-December and I won't be giving them another cent if they can't fix this problem. I have zero --- repeat ZERO confidence in Bioware doing it right. So not going to risk any more money with them.