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11.28.2012 , 01:21 PM | #4
Hello! Thank you two for your replies!

I really have to say, I do not make a difference if I'm in close combat or fighting ranged. They both have their benefits in my opinion. Close combat looks just way more ******... well swinging a lightsaber looks awesome anywhere but rangeds seem to have a huge advantage in flashpoints since they dont have to run from mob to mob or.. turret to turret...

I do know about the mirror-classes and i ruled them out aswell. It simply doesent seem to fit my playstile. Even with a healer on my Marauder (hes 32) i found him to be to squishy for my recklessness. I usually tend to pick myself a nice place with some mob groups in sight and then start going on a killing spree. Everything worked out untill i didnt see that one silver dude...
Sage on the other hand felt rather slow... It didnt feel anything like combat when i fought regular enemys. Only when Qyzen died and i had to kite a Boss (my Sage is 35) It felt somewhat thrilling.
I guess what I'm trying to say is: I need to have the feeling that I actually put up a fight, and kill stuff before i have to wait and reg up again. I also like to push my toon to the limit and try to solo as much as possible.

I hope this can help you help me, and once again, thanks for your replies!