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Personally I must say i prefer to skip all that can be skipped, due to the fact that all fp are downright boring, i have done them way too many times. That being said, if anyone needs something then i'll oblige, if they say that beforehand. I'll help people up to a point. I'll happily help peeps, tell em tactics or whatnot, again if they tell BEFOREHAND. if they dont, my patience will evaporate fast. Ive carried far too many groups through fp's with morons who refuse to admit that they've never done the fp before or are just plain unsuited to do it.

Id say when it comes to HM FP, quite a few want a speedrun, and some dont. but if say 3 want speed, and 1 want slow. why should the minority be obliged? If you want gear, sm ops is the way to go, finding a group during prime time isnt hard, if you want the story, sm fp is the way to go. If you want the full run of a hm fp, ask and see what response you get. some might be completly retarded, some wont.

And i see peeps here are arguing that hm fp is a good way to learn tactics and experience and all that. In one way i agree, in another i do not.

To know ones class and to know tactics are different, just cos you know your class doesnt necessarily mean you know tactics and knowing tactics dont necessarily mean you know the class. Doing a full run helps for tactics, and to some extent your class.

But to learn your class, operations are much better way to learn that. some might agree with this, some wont.
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