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Whatever makes you feel good about yourself....

As for cross server, I doubt they will have pvp servers matched up against pve servers.... Again these PvP only guilds on PvE servers are nothing but a joke, even if they did match up all the severs against each other these so called ""Hardcore PvP Guilds" on PvE servers will get face owned by the real pvp'ers.

Fighting against casual pvp'ers is not going to make you a better player, it will only gives you the illusion your great when the truth is far from that. But hey if these type of players like living in an illusion who am I to say otherwise...
Douches like you is why I dont roll on a PVP server, they are full of them. You're all talk. Until cross server PVP you got nothing. So go back to ganking low level players to feed your epeen.
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