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Rather have that than a select minority group of people practically having a monopoly on a resource that all others use. Raids should not be the main (practically sole, as it is now) source of one of the most sought-after crafting components. Economy should not be so dependent on Operations.

That said, I indeed do not think that making them drop off HM FP bosses is the best solution. Craft boxes buyable with crystals definitely is a step in the right direction, though.
The gear in question is only necessary for operations, so it makes sense for the majority of drops to come from those.

But more to the point, operations are not the only source of these. If you have the right crew skills, you get 4 stabilizers from reverse engineering every moddable black hole piece. You don't need to run an operation to buy those. Can get a two pack in 2 days from running space missions.

Why you would need this stuff if you do not run operations is anybody's guess though.