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11.28.2012 , 12:28 PM | #1
Hello everyone!

I've been gone from this game for quite some time now and just returned recently and a LOT has changed. I decided to start over new and moved onto a different server but now I seem to have Problems with finding the class I like.

Iam hoping that some of you will give me (and people that are looking for the same things) a bit of advice...
Im looking for a class thats capable of

- smooth solo questing (I get frustrated when I have to reg after 2-3 Groups or 1 Group with a silver)
- Viable for PvE Operations (my main goal is PvE)
- average PvP option (simply put: i dont want to be completely defenseless in PvP)

Please take into consideration the following things:
- I play a male character
- I never played a tank before (tried but failed)
- I tend to be neither of both sides (my light/dark is mostly balanced)
- I have tried the following classes but did not get very happy with them:
- Jedi Sage
- Sith Marauder

Also I cant seem to get a hang of the "cover"-system from both Imperial Agent and Smuggler... or maybe thats just because i only got them to 15...

So please if you have any experience in the 50 end game area and / or leveling experience tell me what's your opinion on which class might suit me. I do not need any story-related informations as my experience showed me that i enjoyed every story i tried so far. Same thing goes for companions, except you have something you think is especially worth noticing!

PS: If you could post your choice of crew-skills going with the suggested class I'd really appreciate it!
Thank you for your time and for reading through everything. I'm sorry if my english is a bit off, It's not my native language. I'd be truly happy to hear many opinions soon and start my Main Character !

May the force be with you...