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Moffing the Moff

Tales of Quinn’s childhood were uninteresting, at least, according to him, but Ald encouraged him to tell him the stories anyway. Stories of a normal childhood with parents and a house and love. Still the stories were far from unusual. Quinn was a genius and musical prodigy. His favorite instrument to play being the KeyBed. “It’s classy,” he told Ald. Ald agreed if only to hear more of what Quinn liked to do in his free time, if he even took free time. Stiff bas – wrong train of thought. Quinn skipped a few years of academy training and fieldwork and focused on his dealings with Moff Broysc. Ald was nodding along until he heard Quinn say something utterly unexpected.

“Wait, repeat that,” Ald demanded quietly.

“Socors and I were involved in a relationship of sorts,” Quinn repeated dutifully.

“You nailed Broysc!?”

“Don’t be crass,” Quinn chastised.

“You had an intimate relationship with Brosyc!?” Ald asked incredulously.

Quinn sighed quietly and said, “Yes. Which was why, when the time came and I disobeyed his order, it was more than a summary court martial. It was personal. Very, very personal. He felt betrayed, though my actions won the battle. He took the credit and that was fine. Then the bitter bastard stripped me of my rank, Admiral if you’re curious, exiled me to Balmorra, and left me to rot there.”

Ald blinked a few times then chuckled at a memory. Quinn cocked a curious eyebrow.

“It makes your nickname of Admiral Malcontent more sensical,” Ald chuckled.

“Yes,” Quinn murmured. “He used to call me ‘Mal.’ I never much cared for the nickname, but I allowed it. He usually wasn’t able to say much else while I had my way with him.”

Ald shuddered.

“Apologies,” Quinn murmured.

“He was awfully… old.”

“Yes, he was, but he was a Moff. Behind closed doors, I was the one in power. It was… thrilling, to say the least. I very much so enjoyed the power play.”

“Is that why you’re always…?” Ald trailed off quietly.

“For the most part, yes. I’ve never actually experienced a role reversal in the bedroom,” said Quinn.

“Really? No one has ever –”

“No,” Quinn said quickly.

“Ever consider changing that?” Ald asked innocently.

Quinn immediately shook his head. He had considered it at one point, but there was no reason to think about it now. Not with the way things were between himself and Aldrdinar. It was just as well. Things needed to solidify before they tried that path again. If they tried that path again. Quinn let loose a small sigh then continued his stories, mindful of Ald’s intense gaze. He had a feeling he hadn’t heard the last of that.

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