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Making Molecular Stabilizers as common as you seem to want them is a small step below simply providing anyone and everyone with full 63 gear as soon as they hit 50 (which it would be entirely possible to do for alts with the glut of stabilizers or for anyone that knows how to play the market a bit). Sure, *some* people would love it, but it makes gear progression a non-issue and takes away any kind of real sense of achievement from acquiring gear. I'm not entirely opposed to the idea of welfare epics for entry level 50s, but I definitely oppose it when said welfare epics are BiS or damned near close to it.
I'll agree. I got my agent operative healer to 50 less than a week ago, except for belt, bracers, relic and ear she was rakata (weapon barrels and implants) and the rest campaign/black hole and fully augmented within 2 hours. She hasn't set foot in a operation, but I do not feel quilty because her sawbones sister on the republic side has been in enough for the both of them, so my agent got my sawbones hand me downs.

Now she just needs 1 realic, a belt and our imp guild to get another tank to 50 and she will be in her share of ops.

Plus there are more than enough Molecular Stabilizers now, provided your guild does their weekly ops.