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Cause I just have to toss in an opinion:
but I will start with the facts. Since the transfers I have been on the ebon hawk; I have been RPing multiple Genre for more than 2 decades.

the less than facts: RPs tend to be what you make of them, there definately have been some less than intelligent choices made by PLAYERS in how they have attempted to play their role. They often try to incorporate the game storyline (yes i do it too sometimes). There are Sith that have stepped in and demand things, and especially with casual RPers they take the nameplates as instant introduction including the title. This isn't my personal view but what they do, mostly I try to go along with it.
neither my agent nor my BH will bow head just cause you did your time in the grind, however they will generally give a sarcastic mouthing of respect to those Sith who demand it. Its also a great reason to RP over on Nar Shaddaa where its not imperial territory.. sure they might hunt you down.. but most players won;t bother so you just go on. I think the OP vented his frustrations and thats cool, its done, I think the community rallied back and everyone including me got a chance to chime in...

some sith suck (the bad way), Some players need training in how to RP, some players blur the OOC/IC line(boy thats a whole set of topics) , Canon sith empire has some major issues that keep it fiction, because of the MMO part of the game RPing power levels really is difficult (way too many darth 50s, or too many chiefs not enough indians)