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You call it "destabilize the market", I call it "level the trading/crafting field".
It's not leveling the field when you're turning what is, nominally, a valuable commodity, into something that anyone and everyone has in abundance, especially when it's the commodity that is used in making the best gear in the game, at the moment, and is the only commodity required to make said best gear in the game that is even remotely hard to get compared to the amount needed. At that point, it's nuking the field because you're just doing to reduce *every* commodity required to make what is currently top tier gear cheap as BCAs are.

One of the important aspects of end game content is gear and content progression. If Molecular Stabilizers were made as ridiculously common as you seem to want them to be, people would go from hitting level 50, to full tionese immediately (which we're getting in 1.6), to full 63, many without ever setting foot in an operation or content harder than a t1 flashpoint. There wouldn't be any gear or content progression because you'd be able to lounge in the best gear there is while doing the easiest content there is. The reward you're recommending is vastly out of line with the difficulty *and* the time required, both in real time and play time.

Making Molecular Stabilizers as common as you seem to want them is a small step below simply providing anyone and everyone with full 63 gear as soon as they hit 50 (which it would be entirely possible to do for alts with the glut of stabilizers or for anyone that knows how to play the market a bit). Sure, *some* people would love it, but it makes gear progression a non-issue and takes away any kind of real sense of achievement from acquiring gear. I'm not entirely opposed to the idea of welfare epics for entry level 50s, but I definitely oppose it when said welfare epics are BiS or damned near close to it.
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