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Hybrid is far better than lightning on most fights. Lightning only works well with no movement (not a lot of fights).
Yeah my problem with hybrid is it is only a small bit harder than playing a PT. There is not real challenge to it to pull good numbers. My second problem with it is for 50 more dps (that is what I average over my lightning spec) it is just not worth it.

Also I personally have never been out dps'd by a hybrid sorc, this could be from not having adequate challengers or the fact that I parse on average about 10-20 hours a week (not a joke it is what I do when I'm bored and just chatting) and my gear is absolutely min maxed. I also do my own theory crafting,. I keep up to date with whats being said online but rarely agree with what they find and do better than the number crunchers online do. Never underestimate what determination and obsessive tweaking of your rotation (and spec depending on the fight between heavy aoe dmg and single target) will do.

I personally prefer lightning for the more complicated rotation and the ability to continue dps'ing while moving. You said it doesn't have mobility but with proper timing of instant abilities (up to 4 of them) you can use force speed to re-position and never stop attacking on most fights. Also any fight with a burn phase IE TFB Kephess Lightning will win hands down for burst dps. (Pre Affliction -> Polarity Shift -> Adrenal/Relic ->Crushing Darkness hit right at drop -> TB->I Recklessness -> Crit FL -> Crit Shock -> Crit CL -> TB)

Anywho its personal preference but I would love to see some parses from your hyrbid. The last one that claimed to beat my dps was having someone outside of his group armor debuff the target dummy to raise his dmg. (figured it out when my internal dmg was higher but his kinetic was higher.) Not saying I do more than your guy I just like to keep up to date on the potential of the class in the hands of competent people.
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