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11.28.2012 , 11:23 AM | #3
In terms of actual functionality (actually being able to communicate effectively and efficiently with other players) all three get the job done just fine. I personally switch between vent and ts3 depending on who I happen to be playing with.

The ability to customize codecs on TS3 is undeniably better, I'm not sure I'd consider the bandwidth effects all that important however, as voice bandwidth is not all that high (this may be important to some individuals, particularly if you have, or play with someone who has, highly limited bandwidth)

All 3 programs do have mobile device apps although they may not all be available on all mobile OSs. I know iOS has all three, although the mumble app is the only one that is free (a positive point in mumble's favor for any iPhone user).

The other features I would personally describe as fluff and consider largely irrelevant. If you're interested in fluff, then for sure TS3 is the way to go, otherwise I'd say all 3 will get the job done just fine.