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As long as there's a 200 hour plus grind to gear up to be on a level playing field at 50- don't expect people to be so eager to get into this. Especially players who might only play one or two hours a day due to work, family, etc....- for them that grind can take months.

There will always be twinking in any game that has absurd gear discrepancies- and even so, level 49 twinks still have a far less significant advantage over level 20-25ish players (frankly, entering pvp before 20 is asking to get served) than optimized, augmented WH versus new recruits.

I don't even do this twinking thing- I almost do nothing but pvp on my level 20-30 alts because it's fun and feels balanced even at that level after dealing with the extreme TTK of 50 and the marauder root and smash trains. Yet, I see no problem with people that do this- they know full well level 50 pvp is brutal- even level 50 players all agree, look at the forums, you see almost nobody (outside marauders) saying good things about level 50 pvp.

Seems like they're the smart ones actually.

This isn't simply twinking. You don't need to artificially hold yourself at a level using a game mechanic in a way it wasn't intended (which is against the TOS.) to twink.

It also is not good for team play in general. Leaving a WZ in Huttball in a tie can cost the team a win.

I am assuming this is not intended - we'd need Bioware to verify.
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