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The good news here is that there is literally no reward for doing this, no WZ comms, no credits, and you dont get to see the score card at the end.

I have run into a few people doing this, i have found that using /say to let them know the game is almost over and that they should leave before accidentally hitting 50 (over and over) is enough public shame to get them to stop (sometimes)

That technique isn't effective on my server - these people are determined to dominate the WZs. And it is becoming a more common practice - again. 2 weeks ago I didn't know of it. Now I encounter it a few times daily. I PvP daily.

I cannot imagine it is part of the intended mechanic. And until it's fixed - I think, should it follow the current trend, it is only going to get worse.

Funny -- you can see in this thread who isn't willing to put their big boy pants on.... lol
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