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Not sure you boys have been reading the dev notes.

In 1.6, you will be able to trade 25 tionese crystals for an 'ancient artifact box'.

My main has capped at 1000 crystals.

Figure I'll get a lot of stuff I won't want ( purple lvl 50 ears. meh ).

But, I'll probably also get a 'prototype' something out of my 40 boxes. Those are always nice.
1.6 is not up yet .. i ve been capped on tionese crystals for MONTHS on several of my chars ..

Anyway my point was that I'm not a fan of removing the OPTION of skipping .. I do like the flashpoints a lot .. i've cleared them fully a number of times and I understand that other people may be interested in doing that now, but I am NOT ( most of the time ) and I don't see a reason why I should be FORCED into doing so.