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11.28.2012 , 11:01 AM | #8
Hmm difficult to answer this is as many good sages/sorcs prefer different builds. Some stack power instead of critical and others keep critical (after ops buff) at about 30-35% and the remaining goes to power. And both builds put out similar dps numbers when played well. FYI I'm the latter, i.e. I have about 31% crit after scoundrels buff and the remaining is on power. Common factor in both is that all do not stack alacrity which is useless and force exhausting (opposite for balance though, but still useless and there are better force management skills).

Regarding augments I prefer WP augments to power ones. Reason is from trial and error after consular buff I get +1.5 in damage boost and -0.1% in critical if I use power over WP. There are what 14 pieces of gear to augment if I recall well? So this translates into +21 in damage boost, -1.4% in critical. In my case it would bring me under my subjective hard limit of 30% critical, and hence I prefer WP instead of power augments.

You would get more and quicker responses in the pvp forum I think.