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11.28.2012 , 10:59 AM | #6
What is exactly the problem? The game is about gear especially in pvp. It is the same at 50 and at 10-49.
You put on crappy gear and you will die. The people that spend a lot of time using purple gear dominates.
I level my characters only in pvp. They always have up to date equipment and purple item mods. I don't find any problems fighting level 49s that are geared out.

You are the same as those people that thinks that new 50s should be equal to people that have been pvping for months. This game is about gear. You need to spend time acquiring gear if you want to dominate. If you are just in the warzones for the daily, then you don't need to gear up. Use your green level gear that is 5 levels below your current level, join alderaan or nov coast, go to a node and sit there.

Ask yourself this? Do you join warzones to pvp or to get exp for the daily? Look at your gear. The answer is right there. If I'm level 14, and I have 8ish gear. I'm not there to pvp. I'm just there to leech and get the daily while people that bother to gear up do the work.