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Apparently it seems the new "thing" is to stay perpetually at level 49, twink your toon to all hell and stay in level 1-49 warzones in perpetuity. This is done by exiting the warzone before it completes (some times at the cost of team play). You don't level if you do this.

I play on an RP server and it's become a significant problem. To the point where people will leave warzones when they see a team of these level 49s. And if it's a problem on a RP server, I'm sure it must be on others.

Oh I am sure there will be people who are fine with this, in fact - who engage in it themselves. Time to move on - buck it up - take your medicine like the rest of us.

I'm pretty sure the ability to do this is not part of the intended game mechanic. It needs to be fixed. I am tired of teams giving up before the wz starts and of people exiting the wz before it finishes (and sometimes contributing to losses in Huttball when scores are tied).

If this has been addressed - my apologies. I read through some threads and tried a search, but came up with nothing...

:;edit:: To be clear - this isn't an "anti twink" post. It isn't an "anti-premade" post. There is NOTHING wrong with twinking a char in the absence of (mis)using a game mechanic to artificially hold yourself at a certain level. This also isn't a "Level 50 PvP is fine - and absent of it's own problems" post. Clear?
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