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Why would a DPS Sin need to do similar damage to Tank spec'ed classes? At that point why would anyone play a build with less survivability and utility than the tank version?

I would gladly trade my OOC stealth mez and stun opener from stealth for an AE Mez. You obviously under value Awe a lot. Yes, Sins have more control over their opponents then Knights but then Knights have some of the best defensive abilities coupled with insane damage. You honestly can not expect Knights to have great CC, damage and defensive abilities.
In 10:12 he was in tank spec, using a tank tree... This is what i'm talking about, a tank doing 600k+ damage, 175k protection. I play since the release, I never saw a Guardian or Powertech TANK doing half of these numbers.

Awe is very, very important I know. I use a lot, to help ball carriers, help plant the door, cap the node etc.. But, the amount of damage a DPS sin can do plus his control abilitie, compared to amount of damage a mara can do and the control abilite, is not fair.
Sap, whirlwind, spike, electrocute, low-slash if specced, pull if specced. 6 diferent types of control plus insane damage against mara 2 control abilitie(force choke and awe) plus same damage.
English is not my first language, i'm studying, thanks.