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11.28.2012 , 10:43 AM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by translucentwolf View Post
In 1.6, you will be able to trade 25 tionese crystals for an 'ancient artifact box'.
Going to wait until I see what is in the boxes before I get excited about that, but yeah at least it is something.

BW needs to be extremely careful about fixing this or they will run off the overgeared masses from random GF. I know if I have to fight every mob and every boss, then I will be taking my little healer on guild runs in GF. As it is now I do random GF everyday on my healer, sometimes more than once if people are yelling in chat that the need healers in GF. Now when I go in, I will do whatever the group wants. I will do a full clear if that is what the group wants, but if I knew every run was going to be a full clear, then I would not be going as often as I do.

I also only go on GF HMFP when it is a instant pop. If it does not pop right away, I figure they have plenty of healers or lack tanks and I will go level alts for a while before coming back to check again. So I know for a fact running off tanks and healers from GF by doing something stupid is not a good thing.