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My friend and I are looking for a guild to raid with.
I have an assassin tank, jugg tank, and a merc dps.
He has a healing operative.
They are all geared from heroics, comms, and a few raids.
If you got a second group going, what days would you raid?
We are really looking to raid two nights a week. We prefer Thursday and then a weekend night, as we both have full-time jobs.
We also enjoy pvp and would love to participate in your unranked premades to get gear.
We try to raid every night, and do runs to gear up lower geared members often.
Our scheduled days for our main ops group are Wednesday and Sunday 9pm EST.
We are also in the process of putting together a ops group 2 and 3 for scheduled ops "scheduled raid days and times yet to be determined".
When I get in game later today I will whisper or mail you, or you can contact one of our PVE Directors: Akiira or Rasukia .