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11.28.2012 , 10:01 AM | #56
I agree with the OP. Most of the bosses after the first drop Tio at least. And the Bonus bosses in HMs often drop bracers or belt (tio in the easy ones, columi in the longer ones like ilum/false emp).

A lot of people are just going for their daily random 5 blackhole comms. I can understand their desire to skip everything, since they're all full columi or better, and just want the comms.

But, with 1.5, we have a *lot* of returning players. Some of them are in oldschool pvp and tionese gear. We should help these people gear up, and experience / enjoy the content. We need to grow the community more.

More players means more profit for EA/Bioware which may lead to more content.
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