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well having read alot of the posts in this thread... some ppl are saying that this is more like a trainride and your left with which seat your sitting in etc... unfortunately having played many of biowares recent games noteably the ME trilogy, DA 1 & 2 this lack of choice in there games which are made saying "you can choose to do what you want" is a bit of a stretch on those words, ashara the only female companion for SL has your choice made for you an its LS (LS sith inquisitor quient idea hardly realistic) but the choices that ppl are starting to see in bioware games is starting to look somewhat hollow... maybe EA's influence i dunno... there seems to be a shocking lack forethought going into some of these games in places that dont need a rocket scientist to say what should be there but anyone who thinks that these things are an isolated incident ... its not biowares recent games are riddled with bad writing
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