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It's funny because I was doing warzones most of the weekend on my republic lowbies and I was sporting 75% win ratio in pug vs pug games. You must be very unlucky*.

Same experience for me as well. My Vanguard is actually rank-capped because reps win so much. For two days now i did pvp with about 4 lowbie imp chars and lost around 99% of WZ. One of them is a hybrid tank, one is a healer, the others are damage dealers. All 30+, all with blue-quality gear appropriate for their level. I play objectives, i do damage, i heal, i protect... nothing helps.

So of course i thought, maybe it's me. Maybe i'm that bad that i drag the team down each and every time. Mathematically speaking, I'm one man. 12.5% of a team. Given the sample of WZs i played, i should not matter that much. On a long enough timeline, there's bound to be a team good enough to "carry' my suckage. Alas, such wasn't the case. Even though individually i perform okay, the team just can't pull it off. Check this ****. Today we had a match in Alderaan against another imp team. The score was tied to the last minute, we had 2 turrets (mid and snow) but the mid one was swinging between the two teams. I leave two defenders on snow where we just cleared some 4 enemies, go through the tunnel, kill the stealther at the grass and cap the turret. At the same moment, we lose both turrets. At once. And we lose the match, of course. I was just speechless.

But that was the closest match i had in 2 days. Rest of them were total roflstomps, especially against reps. 6-0 butthauls in 5 mins, that kinda thing. Unbelievable.

Sure, lowbie pvp doesn't matter, right ? Heck, nothing matters. It's just a game. Well, no. Wasted time matters for me. I'm trying to have fun, but i don't find losing fun. Not in that amount. The close match i mentioned wouldn't have irked me that much if i actually won a match that day -- which i didn't. I know i'm not the best player, but i did grasp the basic tactics of pvp wzs and the basic mechanics of the game. If i can do it, anyone can.

So what is it with the imps ? No wonder they lose all their wars, but still, this should be the golden age of the Empire. I'm starting to believe the matches are rigged or something, the suck is almost palpable. Or that some divine entity hates my guts and decides i should lose. I just don't get it. I put some effort in my gear, in my spec, in learning the class, the WZs and it wasn't like i spent months at it. It's pretty simple. Is it because it's the age of the anti-hero and all justin bieber fans want to go dark side ? Are the jonas brothers really lords of the sith ? Is lady gaga a model for all inqusitors ?

Please enlighten me, dear ToFN, because i'm truly and utterly baffled.