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Ok I give you thatin the fan written trilogies Luke became more powerful then Yoda but in the SW films Yoda is far stronger. And with so many different trilogies after ROTJ I don't think we can say how powerful Luke really became. Stronger then Yoda or not. It would most likely be one of them that would be the most powerful jedi of all time.

Basically, Luke was stated to have reached the full potential of his father Anakin, which is 200% of Darth Sidious, Yoda could not defeat Sidious, who was almost playing with the Grand Master in their senate tower battle, therefore Luke>Yoda.

Also, no Yoda wouldn't make Sushi of Caedus, Caedus managed to take on Grand Master Skywalker and actually do something to him, in a clean fight, whilst yes there are times where Luke used his full power and immobilised Caedus, Caedus still got much further to Luke's level of power than anybody in galactic history has(Besides Darth Sidious, the most powerful Sith ever, of course).

Seriously, he was like the terminator in battle, he faced off his sister Jaina Solo with only one arm, broken ribs and a damaged leg and still barely lost with his attention elsewhere, he was basically the best thing to happen to the Sith since Sidious.