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First of all, I don't see much character connection with the examples you listed. Luke, for one, is a reluctant hero, joining the Alliance basically because the other option killed his family (remember, he wanted to head off to the Imperial Academy originally). Woody gladly takes a position of leadership among the toys, and is even threatened when Buzz comes along. Aside from being spacefaring, nothing strikes me as similar between Han and Buzz. What is the same between the droids and Ham and Rex, anyway?

The plot is also different. TS is essentially a friendship story that deals with overcoming negative emotions such as jealousy. SW is more of a heroics kind of a deal, with valiant, sword-wielding knights overcoming a black-clad villain.

Additionally, thanks for the help on remembering SotME.
Obviously Woody wasn't a farmer who joined the alliance after his parents were killed thats' just stupid however they share the same traits.

Buzz is the cocky flashy hero like Han is. Ham is like R2D2 because he is the one in control all the time. Think Toy Story 2 where he jumps into driver seat. Rex is like C-3po due to his bumbling nature and affeminate voice and behavior.

Again as for the plots you are taking it too literal. Look at the themes and story structure.

Toy Story 1 is a rescue mission where they must enter the evil lair to rescue a friend from the clutches of an enemy. The Hero must overcome fear to correct a mistake he did and save his friend from an evil he can't possible defeat.

Toy Story 2, Similar rescue theme except the overall theme is death (remember not being played with is considered death to toys). Woody sees a way to avoid death by going to Japan. In Star Wars terms that would be the equivlent of a Jedi who is afraid of death turns to the Dark Side. But his friends come to save him.... hey that would actually make a pretty good Star Wars movie.

Toy Story 3. We already talked about how this is very similar to Star Wars. Again all you have to do is change the names of the places and what the characters are to see how it IS a star wars movies. The plot and the themes are similar in ALL adventure films.

You and others keep bring up the fact that they are toys so it can't be like Star Wars or that it's just a kids film ( even though Star Wars IS a kids film) Have you ever heard of "Maus"?

It is considered one of the greatest comics of all times. It retells the Hollocaust except that the Jews are mice and the Nazis are cats. Just because the characters are animals or toys has absolutely nothing to do with how good a story is or how amazing the writing is.

It would be very short sited to dissmiss something as for kids just because it uses toys, or animals as it's main characters. Toy Story 3 is a fine example of great writing and if Michael Arndt can write a script half as good as Toy Story 3 we could have a movie better then Empire Strikes Back.