Thread: [Armortech] Noob question about credit drain
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11.28.2012 , 07:54 AM | #11
Thanks everyone for the great ideas, I decided to get Slicing, Underworld Trading, and Archaeology based on what I saw on the GTN and so far the mats I get at level 1 I have been able to sell very well (I think the credits coming in are good anyway lol). I haven't started selling my level 2 ones yet. The level 1 sold for anywhere from 3k for stack of 10, 6k for stack of 20 and some stacks of 20 as high as 10k. So through level 20 I have made around 135k which so far is plenty for me to work with for anything I need. Hopefully I can continue selling like this, if so when I send my companions on missions I shouldn't have a credit problem.