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I seem to be the only one who keep track of this stuff?
There's a fair amount of ranked play on Red Eclipse, seems about eight guilds putting teams in.

I've not joined one (assuming they'd have me) but I'm a stats freak enough that I like your idea. Particularly the
note on game 11. Think you could make guild abbreviations a lookup from the list, and ease off on the protection so it could be modified more easily, but your call. Also, getting #Name errors all over the Summary sheet, though that maybe down to the conversion to the steam-driven version of Excel I have here.

Given all that, I restrict my spreadsheets to trying to improve my own gear/play, and keeping a record of who I owe a ganking to. Interesting to see the difference in KBs/deaths and damage done/taken differences between my dps scoundrel and dps merc.
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