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After months of work and driving my husband absolutely insane, I have finally completed the third novella in the Of Blood and Honor series, Jailbreak.

As I had discussed in another thread a while ago, Jailbreak finally brings some of the characters from my first story, In the Shadows - A Smuggler's Tale together with the Mandalorians Apocalypsa Cadera and her husband, Torian.

Jailbreak continues the story of Apocalypsa and Torian, along with Apoc's protege Layne Malan, as they embark on a mission for the Sith Lord, Darth Umbral.

As before, this story is long (it IS a novella, after all!), and I highly reccomend that if you have not, you read my previous three stories first. In order they are:

In the Shadows - A Smuggler's Tale
Of Blood and Honor - A Mandalorian Vacation
Of Blood and Honor - Jedi Hunt

Please read and enjoy - and if you like my work PLEASE leave a comment. It doesn't need to be long, or a full-scale review. It makes it a lot easier for me to continue writing when I know that people enjoy reading my work.
And by that I mean I may go all emo on you if you don't leave a comment or two
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