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11.28.2012 , 06:55 AM | #24
Fine lets post massive parses for more accuracy.

Plasma Cell
Kinetic DG Relic
Hammer Shots for 23m
35.26 Ranged Crit
42.27 Tech Crit
76.19 Crit Multi

Result = 41.84% crit rate, 1.76x crit multi

Plasma Cell
Elemental DG Relic
Hammer Shots for 7m and 9m
35.24% Ranged Crit
42.36% Tech Crit
76.19 Crit Multi

Result: 16.67 and 19.63% Crit Rate, 1.76x Crit Multi

Here's this thought I'm thinking.

From a players POV there's nothing to say which is better, we only know:

Energy and Kinetic are weakened by armour (but hit harder)
Elemental and Internal ignore armour (but hit weaker)

What if, the devs without making any note to players also had each crit rate link to a different attack type.


Kinetic = Tech Crit Rate
Elemental = Force/Melee Crit Rate
Internal = ???
Energy = ???

Of course that would be really really bloody annoying since the relics don't say anything on them about that but it would make sense...