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11.28.2012 , 06:54 AM | #3
This seems to be reaccurring. Most of the comunity dont like this, including me, but if some specific missons were made with that in mind i wouldn´t mind.

Imagine daily companon quests.One quest for each companon and you get a random 1 of those each day.
Then add a few group companon quests. Group related companonquests wouldn´t have to be class restricted. You would only be able to solo those companon group quests, but you would need a full group of tank/heal/2dps. Ofc the companons would have to be somewhat scripted and you would probably have to set roles for your companons.

Ofc you probably would need some reward system, but that shouldn´t be too hard. Add some commendation and lets use it to buy new looks for companons, some rakatalevel gear for companons (companon only gear). You could add armordyes and other customisation fluff to that vendor too.

It would be a new "grind" and i think we could use another type of grind besides geargrinds and dailycom grind.