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If you want to level armstech without having to buy raw material you need scavenging. With only these two, you can take your skill from 1 to 400 by crafting only green quality items.

Now, the choice boils down to either investigation or slicing.
investigation will provide you with the blue and purple material for barrels and blue/purple quality armor pieces. you'll also have option to pick gift missions to increase your companions' affection.
slicing will provide you with augment schematics and material, crew skill missions and credits.

* while leveling
- slicing is good to make you money without having to sell stuff on the GTN as you pick chests in the open world, but augments are really too much of a hassle to bother while leveling. Running slicing mission will increase your skill and give you a slight return on your credit investment.
- investigation will allow you to increase your companion's affection and provides you with blue /purple material for your leveling equipment. However running investigation will drain your credits so you'll have to balance.

* endgame
- slicing is an "easy" money maker as you don't need to move or go anywhere. Grab the credits from the mission itself, sell the purple crew skill missions on the GTN, sell the augment parts or craft the augments and sell them.
- investigation becomes pretty useless endgame as the grade 6 blue and purple material are dirt cheap on the GTN and your companions are at max affection. You can still sell the gifts on the GTN for others.