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Something like Armormech might sound good on paper because it sounds like you'll be able to make gear for yourself, but in the end you're still a lot better off by going Cybertech in my opinion because you can keep doing good Armorings and Mods for your gear. In my opinion, this gives a lot better results than Armormech.

The drawback with trying to keep your gear up-to-date while leveling with Armormech is that you've only got a limited number of schematics available from the crafting trainer, and in order to get more you need to either buy them on GTN or be lucky with crew skill missions. This means that you'll both get new gear more rarely, and sometimes you won't get gear with the exact stats which you want.
Also, in order to get a blue quality piece, you need to reverse engineer green pieces, same as with all other crafting skills. The difference with Armormech (and Synthweaving) compared to the others however, is that if you learn a schematic (20% chance), sometimes you can learn a schematic with Critical, sometimes with Defense, sometimes with Power, and so on, it's random. So if you want a blue with the stats you need you might have to end up reverse engineering a lot of greens before you get it.
Armormech also only makes gear for non-lighsaber classes, and Synthweaving only for lightsaber classes.

With Cybertech on the other hand, once you've gotten custom gear you'll be updating the Armoring in all seven of your armor pieces (as well as your offhand if your class uses shield/generator/focus), and Mods for your seven armor pieces as well as your two weapons. You'll get new Armoring schematics every second level, and new Mods every fourth level, and you can make them for every class in the game, which is great for gearing up alts.

The main advantage to Armormech in my opinion is that you can make Augments and Augmentation kits. These are good for endgame. People who have Cybertech will need to purchase augments and the kits from other players.
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