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11.28.2012 , 05:01 AM | #2
Short answer: you should probably retrain.

Scavenging provides metals and compounds that you absolutely need to level up Armstech, by grafting green quality items.
Investigation provides research compounds that you need to make blue or purple quality items.
Slicing provides cash, augment schematics, mission discoveries and tech parts. You need the tech parts to make blue quality augments.

You can take Armstech, Scavenging and Investigation and make everything except augments - you can buy the schematics and tech parts from the GTN.
Or, you can take Armstech, Scavenging and Slicing, make green weapons/barrels to level up and focus on augments. If you come across a schematic for a nice weapon you can always buy the compounds from the GTN.

But with the the Armstech, Investigation and Slicing you have chosen, you would need to buy all the metals and compounds from the GTN, which is possible but impractical.