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Show me some data to confirm whatever you think the relics are doing. I'm not buying off on completely ramdom crit chance. Oh sure small samples will show a huge difference. But adding them all together gets the accuracy that much closer. I understand what you're saying. I just don't agree with you.

From the results i'm seeing the relics may be critting based on ranged crit% and or melee crit%. And or tech and power. Although i suspect it's ranged and melee.

So i just got naked and this is what i got using the Energy Relic.

69 hits with 3 of them being crits for 4.35% crit rate naked and no buffs.
This seems close enough as we have a base crit of 5% plus 1% for companion quest for 6% crit total.

FYI i've tested this before with my clothes on and was getting between a low of 7.5% and as high as 17%. The low of 7.5% was without buffs btw.
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