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I'm glad you guys sorted it out but for me I want it solved without having to make an overseas call, download some programme I'd never otherwise use etc. They already have my credit card details and the system worked fine for the first couple of days.. that should be enough.
yeah well..It should be - but apparantly it isnt. So make a choice...either sit around waiting for it to be fixed or do something. And the programme you have to use doesnt take much of your computers space or ressources - if you have a google account you can get google voice. Its kind of an addon. If not, skype is free to download too and is known by most people.
If you are having thoughts about speaking to them they are very understandable and nice to talk to and if they went to fast for me or got unclear they dont mind slowing down a bit or repeat.
They had my card details too but obviously something went wrong after the few days we were able to buy coins.