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My problem was resolved this morning, I put in another ticket and later received an email saying I needed to call the customer service directly. On my second call (first guy hung up because he stated he couldn't hear me even though we had been talking for a few minutes) anyways they had to manually enter in my information and once complete I am able to have my subscription through my credit card and was able to buy cartel coins. The support representative from Western Ireland that I spoke with at 0630 PST was very friendly and helpful.

/H5!!! to all the "good" customer service reps out there, I understand your job is rough, I am in a similar job, but that is the nature of it though, but want to say thanks to those who understand and can perform there job excellently like the man I spoke with today.

I want to say same. No matter what the problem is - even if it is in their system - you have to call CS and go through menu to account and billing. Your problem will be solved very quickly. It is not something that can be fixed through email due to security
I just did it through the free number on VoIP - Google voice (same as skype) - and as I pressed the last digit to be put through to an agent I was preparing myself for that music they play...instead I got a nice lady on the phone immediately. Very surprised about that I almost didnt know what to say, but I got started and she gave me a reference number to the call and wanted to put me through to someone who could help me. However, somehow I got disconnected, called back, gave them the reference number and got a very helpful guy on the phone. He added my credit card details, I made a purchase while he was on the line, checked to see if it has gone through...problem solved.

You can sit here waiting in anger and frustrations like I did at the end, but if you want it solved - call them.