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11.28.2012 , 03:10 AM | #1
Assassins seem oddly segregated on what abilities they actually use based on spec. It seems unless you're Darkness you won't be making much use of force lightning except in certain situations. Likewise, maul seems only utilized by Deception sins and hybrids, and crushing darkness only looks useful if you're Madness.

I honestly can't think of any situation you'd use crushing darkness in if you weren't Madness specced.

Same goes for maul if you're a tank.

Is this a pretty accurate assessment? I'm going tank spec but I'm still low level (still on Dromund Kaas) and I haven't been using maul because it's so inefficient without the talents for it, plus Khem is still doing a good bit of tanking. I almost feel like I should have dropped at least 1 point in duplicity to at least give myself some option to use it when soloing and the mob is facing Khem.