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You can get level 22+ (for level 50 characters) weapon Barrels and Armour plates at level 50 for just 8 daily commendations - about 1/2 an hour's grind. - The mods and enhancements come with the heroic 2, 2+ and 4 missions. - So making them to sell isn't going to make cash. Better to concentrate on lower level gear to sell.

Armourmech is good for kitting out youreself and your companions in gear you made yourself. It also kits out most of your guild/friends/companions, so it's really in demand.

Go armstech if you want to make your own weapons. Slicing is only good at higher levels. I usually take diplomacy and work it up to 1000 LS or DS points (or so) to access to light side or dark side gear - (and bio-bits) and I usually drop it for something else once I'm light/dark enough - that strategy burns through 10-20K or so.

Corso Riggs has +5 crit for Armstech, and +5 underworld efficiency, so one of those will help you with crafting at lower levels, though you'll be needing his help around the time you decide on your advcanced class.

Lastly, crafting is expensive! -In time for gathering mats, or in credits for buying them. Expect to spend the best part of 250K- 750K to get a craft skill, all the schematics and its support skills all the way to 400. - custom gear at 400 skill will normally cost about 100K in mats alone if you have to buy off the GTN. -Ulp!
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