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11.28.2012 , 02:33 AM | #2
I have a tanksin valor 60+ full WH and I saw your video, you really know how to play your class, nice video and you have a good skill, congratulations.
Lemme talk what I think about this class. A Deception Sin can kill you faster than an Operative comming out stealth. The burst is insane and pretty unbalanced.

Tank shadow and sin in DPS gear needs a HUGE nerf to compare with other tanks...
At 10:12 Never, NEVER a Guardian tank can deal 600k+ damage.

This class has so many tools to control the target compared to other classes. And a class with insane damage don't need so much tools to control a target... An example Mara's only have Awe/Intimidating Roar which BREAKS on damage.
Snipers and Powertechs has a insane damage and burst and have a 4sec stun, pretty unfair compared to warriors and knights.

This game needs a stun nerf, for all classes.