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So, I've hit 15 with my mara and I'm not sure about my play.

What I'm tending to do now is force leap in, Rupture, Battering Assault, Force Scream, Viscous Slash (most solo enemies are dead now with Vette shooting them). Then I'm usually going to Assault spam. I'm in Juyo form if it matters. I hit 30 fury really quick but don't pop beserk to much as I only have Rupture for bleeds and the creature its on usually dies to fast.

Any thoughts on how I can do better?
at lvl 15 with 6 points to spend there is no synergy from any of the 3 trees, you need atleast lvl 20 or 30 even to get a better flow of how that tree works, at your lvl i just mashed buttons and stuff died ^^