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Another free, if grindy, way to get the Stabilizers/ Synthetics is by doing the entire set of Space dailies. Doing all of them yields 100 Fleet Comms and a Grade 8 Crafting Mat costs 200 Comms. If I'm remembering this correctly, it should only take 2 days a weeks to get a chance at either of the mats. On the off chance you don get the mats you wanted you could always sell the ones you got from the box as well.

Also, I've never RE'd a PVP piece before. Is it actually a 100% drop rate for Moles to come from a WH piece?
I tried the space dailies for a while - and after opening about 8 boxes - I ended up with 11 Energy Matrix Cubes - not one Molecular Stabilizer - nearly went insane as the space dailies are possibly the worst grind in the game - so decided for the good of my health to stop these and do dailies instead and use the credits to buy the stabilizers!
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